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This website is owned and managed by Allen Rieland of Madison, Wisconsin for the benefit and entertainment of all RIELAND Family members, loved ones and friends throughout the world.

I hope to create a site that includes life stories of past Rieland family members, photos and basic biographical information of as many members of the family as I can locate, and of course an extensive on-line Family Tree. In the meantime, if you have a question about this site, contact me at

In the United States, virtually every person with the last or surname of "Rieland" is related to each other. This is because of several brothers who emigrated to the U.S. in the mid 1800's from the small town of Rembeck, Germany which is located near Paderborn.

Hubert Bernhard &
Helena (Thelen) Rieland
One of these brothers was my Great-Grandfather Hubert Bernhard Rieland (1835-1912), who married Helena Thelen. They lived in New Munich, MN. This photo of Hubert and Helena was taken around 1900.

Larger Photo
Original Photo

More photos and information about the Rieland ancesters as I get to it!